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13 Essential Tips For Coaches To Attract More Clients On Facebook

Expert Panel, Forbes Coaches Council

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With 1.7 billion active users on Facebook, according to a report by Statistic Brain, reaching your potential customer base as a coach shouldn’t be an issue on the social media platform. With the ability to boost ads and promote your business, Facebook offers unlimited potential for attracting clients to coaches that are both new and established.

Understanding how to best take advantage of Facebook’s features takes some effort, so 13 members of Forbes Coaches Council have provided their best tips for coaches to attract more clients on the platform. Here is what they recommend:

1. Collaborate With Other Coaches

Collaborate with other coaches on Facebook and add tons of value to your respective audiences together. As a result, you will expand your audience, sharpen your skills, and increase the likelihood of referrals. Moreover, by collaborating with others (via blogs, videos, or webinars), you increase your social proof by showing your ideal clients that others vouch for your expertise as well. - Ilean Harris, Ilean Harris

2. Get Persuasive Testimonials

Having meaty and succinct endorsements by clients boosts your credibility, likeability and increases trust. Here's how to demonstrate your value through client testimonials: Make sure the problem is specifically described, tell how it was solved, show the value/ROI (data is best!) and describe not just the outcome but the impact. As for format, video is best. - Christine J. Culbertson (Boyle), Fusion Enterprises

3. Interact More

Facebook can either be a great tool or a big distraction, so make sure you are using it well. One way to use Facebook is to participate in groups or conversations related to your coaching. When people see you providing insight and take a leadership role, they get a feel for your expertise. As a result, they are more likely going to contact you for their needs. - Brad Federman, F&H Solutions Group

4. Create An Experience For Members And Fans

Our timelines are absolutely saturated with posts, ads, groups, and pages that look and feel the same. If you want to stand out (and attract those premium dollar clients), you need to provide your people with an experience. Find ways to give back to them, whether that's through high-value social challenges or Q&As, and find ways to highlight the people in your community who are doing great work. - Erika Couto, Erika Couto, Inc.

5. Be Authentic

Social media is all about authenticity and conversation. When you are posting on Facebook, make sure your voice is yours and not a smattering of what you think people want to hear, or what you think is the "right" way to post. People gravitate to sincere voices and move away from things best described as "fake." Be unapologetically your best self on social media. - Jennifer Oleniczak Brown, The Engaging Educator

6. Keep Your Personal And Business Pages Separate

Even if your personal brand is your business, I still recommend creating a separate business page. I believe it is healthy to have an online presence that is authentic, and more social. Not all your friends want to be subject to your constant ads; in fact, it could become counterproductive. Those who do, will "like" your business page. - Donald Hatter, Donald Hatter Inc.

7. Create A Community

Recognize that the focus and accountability established in your coaching relationship can be strengthened by building a community of focus and accountability that responds to ongoing needs and questions. Invite followers to join a special interest group on the platform and foster conversation and learning among the members. - Kris McGuigan, Professional Courage

8. Use Facebook Ads To Add Clients

For coaches, the key to leveraging Facebook to attract more clients is to take what for many is perceived as a non-traditional marketing platform (Facebook) and use it as a tool to market products and services. Facebook provides a platform for small business and solopreneurs to market their unique services through ads to targeted demographics even on a limited budget. That's a win-win! - Kenneth Johnson, East Coast Executives

9. Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Create a Facebook page as a platform for potential clients and others to gain knowledge and engage with you. By posting daily articles on personal growth and leadership, inspiring quotes and on brand content, you can effectively demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise in the field of coaching. Additionally, you'll form a community of followers who will spread the word! - Laura Berger, Berdeo Group

10. Hang Out Where Your Clients Are

When starting out, I thought the smart thing to do was to join groups and discussions with other coaches. While that is valuable, spending all of your time with people in your profession will inevitably lead to you spending less time and energy in places where your clients are. Being where your clients are allows you to participate in discussions you have expertise in and are passionate about. - Lesha Reese, Lesha Reese, LLC

11. Use Facebook To Drive Instagram Boosts

Create a private Facebook group that requires moderator approval. Each month, the moderator posts a photo on Instagram that each participant should like and then use as a guide for following all other new followers who like the photo. Increase your Instagram following exponentially as membership in the Facebook group increases, and develop the community based on committed, like-minded individuals. - Joanne Markow, GreenMason

12. Use Facebook Live

Coaches should use Facebook Live for a plethora of reasons. One is that using Facebook Live can help you connect in real time with potential clients and also helps you create pertinent content to share on other social media platforms. Second, Facebook Live can be used to interview others to share their words of wisdom, as well as yours. - Tamara Patzer, Total Audience Market Immersion TAMI LLC

13. Create A Schedule For Regular Engagement

It is important to establish a sustained presence once you've created a Facebook account -- or any other social media account for that matter. Create a schedule for sharing articles and best practices on a regular basis and stick to it, so that you become a consistent presence on the site. - Virginia Franco, Virginia Franco Resumes

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