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Nine Coaches Share The Software Programs That Help Them Keep Track Of Clients

Managing and keeping track of a full roster of clients can be a daunting task for a coach. Fortunately, there are numerous software programs available that can help automate and streamline the process.

Below, nine Forbes Coaches Council members share the scheduling and tracking software programs they personally use to manage their time and work with clients effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or just starting out, these tools can help you save time, reduce stress and improve the overall success of your practice.

1. Microsoft Excel And Outlook

Excel is always the easiest tool to analyze what clients look like when it comes to the profiles we want to analyze. Frequent updates of our database make it really helpful to self-assess ourselves as coaches, using any filter we want. Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar help to manage work over time. - Dominik Szot, MIA

2. Wix Bookings And HubSpot

Wix Bookings works well as part of its website builder. Customers and prospects can book appointments online in an integrated design as part of your overall site. For emailing and tracking, HubSpot is an excellent CRM for creating demand, prospecting, email tracking of existing customers and monitoring activity. Both tools help drive toward outcomes. - Joanne Markow, GreenMason

3. Calendly, Zoom, Google Calendar And Zapier

I can confidently say that Calendly, integrated with Zoom and Google Calendar, is the best scheduling tool. The beauty of Calendly lies in its ability to trigger Zapier, which saves and updates data in our email and CRM systems. This automation not only allows us to keep track of our clients, but also enables us to provide unparalleled value to our clients with automated email sequences.

4. Work Smarter Digital And CoachAccountable

Work Smarter Digital is my CRM, email, landing page, funnel, website and consult-scheduling solution. It lets you assign consults to other team members as well. For ongoing coaching relationships, I love CoachAccountable. It not only manages my one-to-one coaching packages, appointments, contracts and more, but it also maintains session notes, assignments and progress for my clients. - Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, Bridgewell LLC Professional Services

5. Acuity And HubSpot

Acuity is our preferred software for scheduling sales calls, and HubSpot is the ideal CRM for coaches to use when managing an extensive database of prospects. Acuity seamlessly allows for customizing call-reminder sequences, which sets the coach up for success on a sales call before they even say “hello.” HubSpot is intuitive and integrates seamlessly with email and calendar functions. - Michelle Rockwood, Unscripted Sales

6. Trello And dotloop

For keeping my records organized, I like Trello for managing notes, dotloop for contracts and HubSpot for potential clients. I can personally recommend Calendly, which allows coaches to set their availability and clients to book online. It also integrates with tools such as Zoom and Google Calendar. Don’t underestimate Google Calendar—it’s free, simple and compatible with other apps. - Savannah Rayat, Rayat Leadership Coaching

7. Keap Or Salesforce

All businesses should have a CRM tool to track their leads, clients and sales. A CRM will keep accurate records over time in a central database. Many also include marketing and email capabilities. It doesn’t matter which tool you use, whether it’s Keap, Salesforce, HubSpot or a different one; most have similar features. Choose the right one for you and start using it consistently. - Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital

8. Asana And Slack

When managing potential clients and current clients’ coaching programs, I use Asana. For my group coaching programs, I use Slack. For scheduling sessions with my clientsI love a combination of Calendly and Zoom. All are simple and user-friendly. - Dorota Klop-Sowinska, DoSo! Coaching

9. Google Workspace

My email and calendar are through Google Workspace, and I’m really happy with how they work. I use HubSpot to track my opportunities, and its scheduling tool works seamlessly with Google Calendar. - Scott Brown, Stone House Coaching & Consulting

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