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13 Important Things For New 'Mompreneurs' To Remember As They Grow Their Business

Expert Panel, Forbes Coaches Council

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Parents who are just entering the entrepreneurial world have to split their time between two "babies" – their children and their business. This can be especially challenging for women, who often already face pressure from society to "have it all" and achieve the ideal balance of their career and their family.

If you find yourself overwhelmed at the prospect of wearing the hats of mother and business owner simultaneously, you're not alone. Take it from others who have been there: You can be successful at both. Here's the best advice Forbes

1. Have The Courage To Ask For Help

Many mothers have spouses or partners, friends and employees who are waiting to help them but are never asked. Being strong is having the courage to call on someone else to save the day. You can plan with the latest planner and work like a busy bee, but if you don't fly across and ask for a helping hand, you'll be overworked. Mompreneurs have support to have success without the stress. - Dr. Keita Joy DuctantThe Leader's Life Coach

2. Create Boundaries Around Your Business

Many moms try to work 24/7 and have no boundaries around their new business for fear that they’ll fail otherwise. Criticism will be around every corner, so get used to saying no and the vulnerability and criticism that can follow. You get what you create and you get what you allow. If your business runs you, it’s because you let it. Strong boundaries make others respect you including your family. - Jenn LofgrenIncito Executive & Leadership Development

3. Collaboratively Plan For Balance Ahead of Time 

Until we are immersed in entrepreneurship, we do not realize how much energy, thought, time and heart go into running a business and neither does our family. To manage expectations and minimize conflict, co-create a plan for when you'll be at work and when you'll be present for them, when they can interrupt, when they can't and how they can support you. Set parameters early, so you'll succeed. - Loren MargolisTraining & Leadership Success LLC

4. Give Yourself Space

Women, especially moms, are often the glue holding their families together. For your entrepreneurial journey to be meaningful and fulfilling, the one thing you must give yourself is space — space to work, learn, fail, think, collaborate, and space to just “be.” Eliminate the guilt from asking for space and fully appreciate the fact that your business is as much about you as it is anything else. - Derrick Bass, Jr.Clarity Provoked

5. Seek Support From Other Mom Entrepreneurs

Any support goes a long way, but the understanding and support of people who are in very similar circumstances can be life-saving. Other moms who are entrepreneurs can challenge one to grow, but also provide a space of grace and understanding where one can feel seen and heard. Also, let's face it, people who have been there, done that, always have the best hacks at making life easier. - Lesha ReeseLesha Reese, LLC

6. Choose A Quitting Time

From the mouth of a mompreneur with a 7-month-old baby, I know how hard it can be to run a successful business and be your own best version of mommy. So here's the solution: Choose a quitting time each day to stop working. Doing this you will cause you to focus on what's important. No longer will you have to choose. You will get to enjoy your amazing work and beautiful children. - Kiki RamseyKiki Ramsey International

7. Be Kind To Yourself

Having been on this journey, it's so easy to beat yourself up with "should haves" or "could haves." I could spend more time with my kids or I should be making more money. Reality check the truth. It's unlikely that if a friend came to you with the same problem you would be so hard on them. There is a lot of value for your children seeing you face challenges with perseverance and grace. - Frances McIntoshIntentional Coaching LLC

8. Remember Your 'Why' And Take Care Of Yourself

The biggest challenge for women, especially mothers who are new to entrepreneurship, is having a reason bigger than themselves and their families to move them through the days that they are exhausted, unmotivated and feel defeated. That reason is the "why." Why they got into entrepreneurship in the first place will also act as the reason they practice self-care, so they can fulfill their mission. - Manpreet DhillonVeza

9. Be Flexible With Your Priorities

As a mompreneur for the past 12 years, I had to learn that its OK to make my work a priority in some seasons of my life and in others my son is. I can never get back the time with my son but I believe there will always be clients. When he was younger I devoted more time to him and allowed my business to grow slower, but now that he is older and more independent, I can focus more on the business. - LaKesha WomackWomack Consulting Group

10. Trust Your Intuition

If you are new to entrepreneurship, especially if you are a mother, you will find yourself with a special talent that will help you succeed – your maternal instincts. Known by many names, intuition, gut instinct or hunch, this extrasensory perception is a main factor in the success of many entrepreneurs. The key for any new entrepreneur is to trust your intuition and let it guide your achievement. - Daniel OrtizLatino Success Academy

11. Create Structure, But Accept Ambiguity

Having a little structure in your day helps you better plan or accomplish goals. But be accepting of ambiguous times when things don't go as planned. These moments lead to idea sparks. Rather than think of work and life as separate, find ways to blend your thinking time. Take advantage of daily life opportunities when you can reflect creatively and gain a fresh perspective on business. - Joanne MarkowGreenMason

12. Take It One Day And One Project At A Time

Choose a project, put a date on each step. Eat the elephant one bit at a time. Create an action plan that includes steps to complete each task for realistic deadlines. Plan your day around all of your commitments personal and professional. Get and accept help where you can. You will see yourself accomplishing more this way and avoid discouragement and burn out. - Katrina BrittinghamVentureReady LLC

13. Continue To Learn

Success is in your continuous pursuit to learn. You will not grow if you are not expanding your knowledge. Learning comes from a variety of ways. Invest in personal development, find a mentor or hire a coach, participate in networking events, and exude confidence, courage and commitment. Women entrepreneurs, especially moms, often times will neglect what benefits their own success and growth. - Dr. Sharon H. PorterPerfect Time SHP LLC, Coaching and Consulting Firm

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